Nose to Tail Butchery with Joel Houghton

Joel Haughton of Kingsmore Meats believe in knowing the provenance of our meat – where it comes from, and how it is produced, transported and delivered to us. At Kingsmore Meats, all meat is sourced from small, independent local farmers who raise their animals naturally, humanely, ethically and sustainably. Coming from free-range, grass-fed animals which are hormone, antibiotic and cruelty-free, their beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry and game is truly delicious. Join Joel in a small group masterclass to get the most out of your pork – true nose to tail butchery! 


New Visa Pathways and Strategies to Attract and Retain Overseas Staff

The hospitality sector is one of the largest users of skilled overseas migrants, with cooks, chefs and restaurant managers among the most popular sponsored occupations. As immigration laws continuously change, businesses often find the visa system complex and difficult to navigate. At FastVisa, we understand. We are a global immigration law firm specialised in employer sponsored visas for the hospitality sector. We help our clients succeed by ensuring that their visa applications are processed within timeframes and their workforce levels planned in advance to avoid service disruptions. This Masterclass will outline new visa pathways available and give you tips on how to attract and retain overseas workers.


Restaurant Success and Survival with Judy McMahon

As part of Sydney's 2018 Mise en Place, join Judy McMahon, owner of the infamous Catalina, to find out what it takes to survive and strive in today's fierce trading environment. Judy McMahon is one of Australia’s most successful restauranteurs. Along with her husband Michael and their children, James and Kate, they have steered one of Sydney’s most iconic fine dining restaurants, Catalina, for the past 23 years. Given Judy's extensive experience in the field, Catalina's success and its ongoing influence in Sydney's fine dining sphere, she is the perfect candidate to equip you with the tips and tricks to make your business stand the test of time.


The Yellow Leaders Forum - Industry insights from Gault&Millau

Since 1965, Gault&Millau have been rating restaurants by their unique anonymous benchmarking process and publishing in the annual Gault&Millau Restaurant Guide. Now in over 20 countries and with more than 14,000 restaurants reviewed and published each year, Gault&Millau gain invaluable insights into global trends within the hospitality industry. The Yellow Leaders Forum is an opportunity for Gault&Millau to provide chefs, restauranteurs and professionals with international and domestic industry insights to ensure they remain ahead of the game. This informative forum is designed to share industry best practice and inspire participants to evolve and grow their business. We will be discussing a range of topics including the industry today, global statistics and observations, culinary innovation, and the future of hospitality in Australia.


Belcolade Masterclass- Chocolate in Patisserie 

Join Belgian Pastry Chef Dominique Van Droogenbroeck as he demonstrates the art of reimagining a classic dessert with a modern twist.This year we have elected to add a touch of excitement to the class and we're encouraging participants to be creative by running a hands-on workshop, combining textures and flavours to create a beautifully balanced dessert. "Giving chocolate to others is an intimate form of communication, join us as we share our deep dark secrets...


Maximising Returns from your Wine and Beverage list 

Are you making the most out of your wine list? Join the industry leading restaurateurs and consultants from Erez Gordon Consultants, who will unearth the secrets to maximising your beverage sales and profitability. Often your cellar can be one of your most expensive assets and maximising its profitability can mean the difference between making money and not! With over 20 years experience operating successful hospitality venues, Erez Gordon Consultants are well equipped to provide you with meaningful advice.


The Conclusion of the 'AussieCuisine' Project

As part of the 2018 Sydney Mise En Place, please join the AussieCuisine team to celebrate the conclusion of the AussieCuisine project. AussieCuisine is an educational research project sponsored by the Gault&Millau Australia restaurant guide. Over three years the project has researched the greater meaning of Australian cuisine. During our AussieCuisine presentation, we will discuss the main themes addressed by the project: Australian Chefs, Bush Tucker, Farmers’ Markets, Immigration, Indigenous Influence, National Dishes, Our Culinary Journey, Popular Culture, Produce, and Regional Cooking.